Thursday, February 7, 2013

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WolfranAlpha search, India has 1.21 billion people, china has 1.35 billion people, and the united states only has 309 million people. I researched annual births in United States compared to China. China has 17.8 million births per year. The United States only has 4.29 million people per year.My second search was "compare the population numbers of Russia, Germany, Australia, and the United States. Russia has 140 million people, Germany has 82.1 million people, the United States has 309 million people and Australia only has 21.5 million people. I would love to live in Australia!

This could be helpful to me in the classroom when I need a visual aid of say numbers of population from different countries. The site has a line graph and that shows the progression of the populations over the past years all the way to the present days. I could pull up these charts to physically show the changes in population, this will help my visual learners. My students could also use this site for fast and easy answers. I can put it on the requirements for a project I may give them or something similar to that.

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This is astonishing!!! Its mind-blowing! I have never thought about anything like that calculator being out there. The progression of all the categories on that calculator does not look good for my future as a teacher. Yes, maybe the future will be even more technology based then it is right now, but I stand firm on my beliefs that technology should have its limit in the school system. Our students do not need to soupy rely on it and that is the way it is looking like now. There is almost no one under the age of 50 that doesn't have a cell phone. Even the older people have iPhones and androids.

Thats incredible to me, because some of those people become so reliant on those phones that they can't even have a vocal conversation with you without being socially awkward but they can text until their fingers fall off. I like my iPhone, but I do not depend on it. If I did not have it I would be perfectly fine. As a teacher I would be scared of all of the technology effecting the students learning abilities. I would still make them take their tests on paper and not on their computers or anything else like that.

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