Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Langwitches Blog Post #4

Langwitches, 1st Graders Create Own Read Along Book

In Langwitches, 1st Graders Create Own Read Along Book it shows that podcasts can be very beneficial in the leraning of young students. The teachers record the students reading a book, but when the students were done they sat and listened to themselves they always want to re-record it and make it more theatrical. They wanted to put more emotions into it, they wanted to make it more personalized. Doing these podcasts showed students what technology can do but not how to use it. The teacher uses technology as a tool to make learning more interesting to the children and promotes more exciting ways to read. In one of the examples the teacher uses garage band to allow the students to put animal sounds and other sound effects in their podcasts to let the students put a little more of their personality into it.

Podcasting with 1st Grade

In Podcasting With 1st Grade students make a podcast book report about a book that they read. They had to tell about the story and pretend that they interviewed the characters in the story. And in Langwitches, Flat Stanley Podcast", students make a podcast of the story they read, "Flat Stanley". The students seem to be very excited and animated with what they were reading. Podcasts are a wonderful way to get students exited about reading. Recording the students and then posting them online for all the world to see connects these students to ones all over the place.

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