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Tell me about your area of specialty and then watch all of these videos looking at other teachers and what they did with their classroom and then tell me about what you are going to do with your's.

Creating A Positive Learning Environment

Clasroom Walls and Bulletin Board Ideas

The Mentor Teacher: Setting Up Your Classroom

My area of specialty is Elementary Education, and this has been my passion since I was in middle school. My mom was a high school teacher for 18 years and then became an assistant principal and has been for 5 years now. I have always loved young children, and to have the opportunity to have an impact on their lives means everything in the world to me. I want to help them become successful in their future choices. Teach them that they can achieve anything that they set their mind to.

Classroom Decorations

Something that a lot of new teachers struggle with is how to decorate their room to inspire the children and keep them engaged in all the classroom activities. The decorations in the classroom needs to create a fun, warm, and welcoming environment. Every teacher will have their own personal preferences, but some ideas work well in any classroom, for any age. I have always thought about doing a jungle room. I know a jungle room is kind of a cliche, because you see a lot of teachers try to do it, but I am going to do it a different way. One of my teachers in high school took cloth and covered up half the lights on the ceiling and then she hung christmas lights all the way around her room, she said this stimulates and relaxes the brain to where we as students could think clearer and keep us focused. She told us that the dim room helps stimulate our brain and keeps us from day dreaming because the board was the brightest thing in the room we were more likely to stare at that more than anything in the classroom. I understand her theory now, I have tried it at my house when I study and it does keep the distractions to a minimum. This picture is almost exactly what I am going to do to my classroom.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards in a classroom are a definite must have when a teacher is decorating their classroom. Children love to see their work displayed on a bulletin board for everyone to see. Teachers can put the students photos, posters, charts, and even let the students create seasonal art to put on a themed bulletin board. Teachers should always let the students contribute when it comes to decorating the bulletin board. Maybe let the star student for that week pick the theme for the board and then have the class make something for the board to contribute to the theme. This would keep them all involved with each other. In this picture the students created the animals.

If you have trouble coming up with a theme for your classroom you should visit, Classroom Decorating/Theme Ideas, if you like these themes you should use them. Put your own twist into some of them or use it how they are that is up to you. Every teacher is different.

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