Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blog post 13

Blended Learning Cycle

In this video, Paul Anderson has some wonderful ideas. He combines blended learning with the learning cycle and this increase the students' learning and helps them to learn and actually retain information. He has come up with a very useful acronym to help us remember the process of what has to be done to be successful at blended learning with your classroom as a future teacher. The acronym is "QUIVER". QU stands for question, you have to get the students' attention so you have to start with a good question, a phenomenon that really gets their attention,also known as a hook. This would get the students thinking, they would be trying to figure out the answer and make predictions for why it may be happening. Next is the "I",it stands for investigation. Let the students look around and go through what ever the question is compiled of. This investigation will turn into an inquiry. "V"is for video. As a teacher you would pre-record your lessons and lectures so that the students can watch them out of class and if they missed something they could go back after school and watch it. Using videos instead of in class lectures will free up class time so the students can have more of just a review when they come into the classroom. Next is the"E", this stands for elaboration. Elaboration can be an in class discussion that the entire class is involved in. The teacher would have them read up on and research what ever they were studying that way in class the students could have a discussion about it and learn things from each other hey may not have learned themselves. The next letter is "R". The "R" stands for review. As the teacher you will go around asking the students questions seeing if they know the answer and if you as a teacher think they are ready then have them take the summary quiz. "S" stands for summary quiz. Anderson makes a very good point that all teachers should learn from, he said "You have not learned something until you can explain it thoroughly to someone else."

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